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Riga Treasure Hunt 15 EUR

Explore the capital of Latvia with the sense of adventure. Be ready to solve riddles, find clues and track down the treasure box to discover what's in it.

Jūrmala Bike Tour 55 EUR

Why spend the day strolling around the city when you could be doing something actually fun? Let's get on the bike and get our feet moving while enjoying both beach and forest tracks.

Mother Nature Tour 45 EUR

Nature is fuel for the soul, and Latvia has more than enough to re-energise you. Experience the magic of a barefoot walk in a mossy forest. Relax at the seaside, and take a moment of peace amid small pine trees, dark lakes and more.

Looking for a refreshing day outside the city? The town of Sigulda, beautifully located next to the Gauja valley, has a lot to offer both in terms of nature sights and tourist attractions.

Secret Bunker Tour 67 EUR

Let's take a journey back to the Soviet era by visiting a nuclear bunker

Rundale Palace Tour 60 EUR

Built in the 18th century, Rundale Palace represents sophisticated example of baroque architecture in Latvia. Not only you will have the chance to appreciate royal architecture and furnishings, but also visit a 10 ha large French garden right next to the palace.

Private Tour 

We offer a wide variety of private tour options for any taste. See and experience Riga and other parts of Latvia exactly the way you want to see them and make it a memorable trip. Let us create an experience tailored to your tastes and time frame.