Riga Treasure Hunt in Old Town

Do you want to know what a day in the life of Captain Jack Sparrow looks like? Here's a piratey opportunity to go on a treasure hunt through the Old Town of Riga.

Yes, you will have to solve riddles, you will have to find clues and… the treasure box containing secrets of ancient sailors! The whole tour is set outdoors and involves moving from one point to another. The length of the tour is approximately 3 km.

Whether you want to enjoy it in a group or by yourself, you're most welcome to come and track down the hidden treasure box! Are you ready to accept this challenge and discover ancient secrets?

Price: 10 EUR / person

*three to five people – 10 EUR / person
  less than three – 15 EUR / person

Where? The first envelope with instructions will be given to you in the square in front of the Hotel Kempenski Riga.

BOOK NOW (or contact +371 28634703 for more details)

Included in the price:

-    Hidden clues and riddles

-    Special prizes within the treasure box

-    Real-time assistance in case you get stuck

-    Unforgettable memories

Duration: 1 hour