Ghost Town  

Let's take a journey back to the Soviet era by visiting Skrunda-1, Latvia's last ghost town.

Skrunda-1 is a former Soviet radar station that was also a secret city home to 5000 Soviet soldiers, technicians and their families.

Built in 1963 during the Cold War, the project contained 60 buildings that comprised the radar installation and town, including apartment blocks, a kindergarten, barracks and even an officers' club.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the military town was abandoned and remains as such today.

Visiting the Soviet ghost town of Skrunda-1 is like stepping back in time. It is an experience that should not be missed.

Price: 43 EUR / person 


Included in the price: 

-          Comfortable bus ride to and from all the activities 

-          Visit to the former Soviet military basis in Skrunda

-          Insight into the history of the military ghost town

-          Visit to a bog trail on our way home

-          Light snacks

Duration: 7 hours

Hop on the bus and come experience Latvia with us!